Placenta Capsules

Reduces chance of “baby blues” and postpartum depression, Increases breast milk. production, Provides natural pain relief from the labor and birthing process, Increases iron, vitamin B and energy levels, Increases oxytocin levels (the love hormone that promotes bonding and well being), Decreases infection and enhances wound healing, Stabilizes hormones and moods, Reduces postpartum bleeding

The RAW method of preparation omits the heating and herbal process. Raw food activists believe that steaming the placenta destroys some of the essential nutrients. Using this option provides a burst of energy upfront and great hormone stabilization. Your placenta is dehydrated at a high temp to ensure all bacteria is killed off, ensuring you have a safe and stable product. A rigorous sanitation process is completed with all equipment to ensure your safety.                                                       

Placenta Tincture

Putting part of your placenta in tincture form is another way to stretch out its longevity. A small portion of placenta is added to >100 proof alcohol and set to ferment. Some of the benefits include hormone stabilization in your postpartum cycles, less bleeding during those cycles, energy and for menopause years down the road. The female child can also benefit from placental tincture once she begins her menstruation cycles. A tincture lasts indefinitely

Herbal Soaks

Herbal soaks are used in the early postpartum period to help ease pain, promote healing and give good hygiene to the perineal area. This is particularly helpful after an episiotomy or tearing during birth, Though it also helps ease swelling in the perineum or a swollen labia. The soak can also be used in a peri bottle for direct cleansing and also used to wipe down baby in the early days. The results are amazing!  

Nip dip

An all organic nipple cream , handmade to elasticize tissue and reduce cracking and bleeding. Does not need to be washed off prior to feeding. 100% baby safe. Marshmallow root and Calendula provide soothing and stretching properties helping make your breastfeeding experience the best possible.

Modern mama must-haves kit

The perfect baby shower gift. Everything an expectant mama needs to finish out her pregnancy prepared and strong and start her postpartum life in comfort.


  • Herbal Soaks
  • Chemical free postpartum pads
  • High quality witch hazel
  • Red Raspberry Leaf tea
  • Evening primrose oil capsules

     Essential Oil kit for Delivery Day and beyond

All the essential essentials! 8 mini bottles of Young Living essential oils to help during pregnancy, labor, and raising kiddos.

  • Clary Sage, Stress Away, Geranium, Peppermint, Gentle Baby, Eucalyptus, Lavender & Orange
  • Conveniently in a clip on travel case.
  • Other mini bottles available per request.

    Aquaborn ECO Tub Rental



  • One of the deepest tubs on the market!
  • 2 interior and 4 exterior handles for varied birth positions.
  • Lid to help keep the water warm until you are ready to enter.
  • One of the only inflatable Birth Pools made without phthalates, which have been linked to fertility problems. Better for the environment, better for you and your baby.
  • Rental includes liner, delivery, and pickup. Waterbirth kit available as well.