Michelle Ludwig CD(DONA)

Owner of Modern Mama & the motherhood co.

DONA ambassador for the State of Arizona

Birth Doula

Michelle Ludwig is a southern California native who now hangs her hat and heart in sunny Phoenix AZ. Through following her passion she discovered her calling to be a doula. She believes women are strong, smart and entitled to make their own informed decisions regarding their body during labor. Her goal is to create a safe, calm and serene place for your body and mind while you begin your journey as a parent. 

No matter where you choose to bring your baby into the world, Michelle's goal is to support you in the way you desire. Having worked in all the valley's hospitals, birthing centers and with many homebirth midwives, Michelle is experienced in creating the atmosphere that suits you. Maintaining professional relationships with care providers, nurses, and birth professionals is a priority for Modern Mama Doula Services to ensure you have the experience you strive for.  From the hundreds of births Michelle has had the honor of attending she draws on her experiences to help you navigate your birth journey. Consider us your travel guide, guiding you through your options and presenting you with evidence based research so you and your partner can make your birth and incredibly empowering experience.

Michelle is passionate about continuing her education, skill set and broadening her knowledge through attending birth workshops frequently. Having the honor of training under Gail Tully, the founder and creator of Spinning Babies, she gained an immense set of skills to help enable good fetal positioning. These positions are an incredibly useful tool to use with clients during their delivery process.Y ou should feel empowered, you should feel blessed and most important you should feel informed. Your Body. Your Birth. Your Baby.


Patricia Alatriste CD(DONA)

Director of Operations

Birth Doula & Encapsulation Specialist

Patricia Alatriste is an Arizona native. She has a background in nursing and through life experiences has found her passion as a doula. She loves educating, empowering and supporting families

She believes that options and education are the key to having an exceptional birth experience. Her goal is to always help her clients know about evidence based practices during their pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum period. Helping the laboring women’s partner know how to effectively help the mother during her childbirth experience carries through to her postpartum work when helping new families in home. She believes the “teamwork” for couples begins in pregnancy and continues into the postpartum period. Creating that team atmosphere for her couples is always a priority. From your Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum period and Breastfeeding journey Patricia is here to help. Supporting the birth and parenting experience that you desire is of utmost importance.


Brittani Curtis CD(DONA)

Birth Doula

Brittani is a Minnesota native who has lived in central Phoenix for over 10 years. While she's gotten used to wearing flip flops at Christmas, snowflakes still make her heart skip a beat! 

Brittani is passionate about empowering women and their families. Before training to be a doula, she spent 8 years working worked for an international non-profit that equips women and their families to combat extreme poverty around the world. Today, as a birth doula, she loves advocating for and supporting women in her community. Brittani believes in values-driven, evidence-based, empowered decision making. In order to provide up-to-date information, Brittani regularly attends workshops such as: Spinning Babies, Massage for Birth, TENS unit use during Labor, and Lactation Management for Doulas. 

Brittani believes that information and support are key to a positive birth and postpartum experience. She loves being a doula because she's able to walk hand-in-hand with pregnant women and their partners as they journey towards childbirth! Her goal is encourage a safe and calm atmosphere that allows the couple to connect and focus on bringing their baby into the world. As a wife, and mother of two, Brittani knows firsthand the importance of this special time in your life!


Carena Stamps CD

Birth Doula

Carena Stamps is an Arizona native and mama to three wondrous wild boys. She has a passion for serving and loving people and a deep connection to nature and the desert land that surrounds her. Through an individual journey with infertility/miscarriages,  a c-section birth, two VBAC births and the transition to motherhood she was led to birth work. She believes that knowledge is power, support changes outcomes, nurturing is the magic we all need, that women are strong beyond belief and that birth is a beautiful rite of passage. She sees her greatest work as nurturing well being in a calm, consistent manner to help women uncover individual strength and softness in the journey to and through birth. She has attended multiple  births at home, birth centers, in hospitals, with midwives and OBGYN's- and holds a deep respect and reverence for all who work within this realm. She believes her role as a doula is to work alongside women, their support partners and care providers to establish and implement a practice of care that allows them to feel strongly supported, informed, wholly witnessed and empowered through knowledge and choice- during birth and beyond.


Ashley Shouse CD

Birth Doula

Ashley was born in California, but has spent most of her life in Arizona. You can often find her with an iced coffee and a good book in hand, and she loves to spend time outdoors. She has a background in Early-Childhood and has worked with families in many capacities, eventually finding that she most enjoys serving families by supporting them in their birth experience. 

Ashley has attended both home and hospital births. She is passionate about serving marginalized and under-represented populations, and trauma survivors, and believes that it is important for her clients to feel heard and respected during labor. It is her goal to help all families navigate ways to combine evidence-based practices with their own personal preferences for birth, to help them achieve the birth that they desire. 


Nicole Tardi CD(DONA)

Birth Doula

Nicole discovered her interest for birth when she was a little girl, watching the pregnant women and coaches come into her home every week to learn how to give birth and how to prepare for parenthood.   Nicole’s mom was a childbirth educator and taught classes in her home every week.  She was 15 years old when she watched her brother come into this world and it was at that moment that she knew she wanted to dedicate her life to motherhood and babies.  After giving birth to her own three children (and of course supported by her own Doula!), she is following her passion. She is trained and certified with DONA International as a Birth Doula and has the utmost respect for proper childbirth support. She is a strong and intuitive Doula.

Nicole has personal experience with a cesarean section birth as well as a two VBACs, one medicated and one natural unmedicated birth. Her clients describe her as warm, caring, a wealth of encouragement, supportive, incredibly vital and does her work with the purest of intentions.  Nicole feels that every woman during childbirth and motherhood need to have an attentive, compassionate, present support system.  She believes that there is nothing more magical than watching a woman give birth to a new little person coming into our world and she is honored that each of her clients have chosen her to share and empower them through the most incredible experience(s) of their life.

Kelly Sunshine- Bloom Session  (9 of 28).jpg

Kelly Sunshine CD(DONA)

Birth Doula & Encapsulation Specialist

Kelly has been doing birth doula work in the valley for 8 years. She has built relationships with many Doctors, Midwives and Nurses around the valley. Having the honor of attending over 600 births throughout her career she has learned that birth can be an incredibly dynamic and empowering experience for all involved. She has worked with local hospitals to create doula programs and has served as a Mentor for many doulas in the valley. She is experienced and trained in placenta encapsulation and TENS units. When not holding a hip squeeze or capturing a gorgeous birth photo you can find Kelly on the boat with her family, traveling with her husband of 25 years, or enjoying a beautiful dinner with friends.


Brigit Monahan CD(DONA) CPD(DONA)

Director of Postpartum Services

Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, Certified Newborn Care Specialist, Infant Massage Instructor, and Breastfeeding Supporter
Born and raised in Arizona, Brigit has recently moved back to the valley after living in London, UK. She has been working with children and families since the age of twelve and it has always been a number one passion for her. Over the past five years, she has been offering emotional, physical, and practical support as a full time Doula and Newborn Care Specialist traveling all over the globe to work with families from all different backgrounds and cultures.
Families need a variety of kinds of support as they start out on their journeys through
parenthood. Brigit believes it takes a village to raise a baby and is here to join you on
your journey into parenthood and be apart of your team. She enjoys learning and teaching
and will be there to help you every step of the way with up-to-date and evidence based
information as well as practical knowledge. Brigit has experience with singletons, twins,
triplets, breastfeeding, routines, sleep, allergies, reflux, tongue tie, postpartum mood
disorders, thrush, mastitis, circumcision care, eczema, jaundice, cradle cap, weaning,
traveling with infants and toddlers, meal prep and cooking, etc. She tailors each job to the
specific needs of each client in order to support and nurture the mother, baby, and the
whole family.


Shannon Anderson PD

Postpartum Doula

 Shannon is a Postpartum Doula and has many years of experience and has completed multiple trainings. She completed her Birth Doula training and a variety of advanced workshops through DONA International. The workshops included Breastfeeding Support for Doulas, Introduction to Childbirth, Touch of Birth, Comfort Measures, How to Support Surrogacy Clients and Communication Skills. She completed her Postpartum Doula training through CAPPA. Shannon is truly a life-long learner and continues to take any class, read any book and seek out all podcasts and webinars to better equip her for supporting ALL families. Aside from Shannon’s vast trainings she is also the mother of 4 (including twins!) and has worked with families in multiple capacities for the past 15 years. 

As a postpartum doula she is there to support a family in EVERY way. She knows exactly what a family needs and how to support them. She is wonderful at helping families adjust to their new baby or babies and can teach, model care, support feeding including breastfeeding and guide a family to be more confident. She will also help with meal preparation, newborn care, household chores, sibling care and much more. She will make the process of adjusting with a new baby a positive one. Families love Shannon for many reasons, but they truly love her passion, nurturing spirit, kind and caring nature and her non-judgmental heart.


Gwen Priest NCS

Postpartum Doula & Newborn Care Specialist

Gwen was a military brat growing up, but planted her roots in Phoenix, Arizona.   She and her husband have two girls and a set of twin boys, which provide a whole lot of joy and a whole lot of craziness all at the same time!  She was a social worker before becoming a mom and has always had a passion for helping families. 

 Throughout her own births she saw what a difference having someone help in those early days and weeks of adjusting to life with a newborn can make.  Knowing that not every mother has that village led her to become a certified Newborn Care Specialist. She loves helping mothers become confident in their own abilities, making the load lighter in the home, allowing for some much needed rest, providing encouragement, emotional support, education and more.  She understands that every families needs are different and adapts her time in the home to meet those needs. She is grateful to help families during this special and joyous journey.

Morgann Burress CD(DONA) LCCE

Director of Education

Morgann is a Seattle native but has called Phoenix home since 2015. Though a piece of her heart will forever be drawn to the “green” of the Pacific Northwest, she’s adjusted to the sun just fine! She and her husband have enjoyed setting down roots here in the Valley for their three daughters. Morgann’s journey in the birth world began in doula work six years ago. Walking alongside families as they welcome new life in to the world has been one of her greatest joys in life. Through doula work, she discovered her passion for informed decision making and choices in childbirth. She is committed to providing parents with the most evidence-based and up-to-date resources as they prepare for birth and parenthood. Becoming a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator has allowed Morgann to combine her passion for birth work and education. She loves being able teach fun, engaging, and hands-on classes for families as they prepare for such an exciting stage of life!


Jess Umble LCCE, RPYT

Birthfit Coach, Yoga Instructor, Lamaze Childbirth Educator

Jess Umble is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Birthfit Instructor and Certified Prenatal Yoga instructor. Her knowledge about birth and functional body movement helps inform and empower women to care for themselves holistically during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. She is a great resource for knowledge of natural remedies for any sickness, ailment, or discomfort. Jess is passionate about women’s rights, and our connection to the rhythms of this universe and each other. Jess and her awesome husband are raising two incredible daughters. In her free time, you will find Jess reading good books and listening to podcasts. You should find her on insta @jessumble for tons of knowledge about our bodies and minds.